Located in New Jersey, serving New York, Pennsylvania, and beyond




A New Jersey breeder serving New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania, and beyond.
Putting Cane Corso puppies in homes near and far.

    First let me begin by saying, “We DO NOT breed dogs for a living.”  We breed for quality, not quantity.  I fell in love with the Cane Corso breed in 1994 and began my research soon after vowing to get one someday.  I purchased my first Cane Corso in 2004.  Today, I have 3 females and 1 male. 

    Two of my dogs are trained based on the Schutzhund foundation.  SHEERA, my first Corso is AMERICA'S FIRST FEMALE CORSO TO HOLD A SCHUTZHUND I Title. Armani  earned his Schutzhund I Title June of 2011 and I am looking to put a Schutzhund II Title on him in the fall of 2011.  (Mission accomplished: Armani earned his Schutzhund II on November 19, 2011) My new goal is to put an IPO III (Mission accomplished: Armani earned his IPO III on May 5, 2012)(f/k/a Sch III) Title on Armani in the spring of 2012.  This type of training takes time, patience, and dedication.  

   The reason I decided to breed is to produce quality pet, show, and working Cane Corso dogs.  My dogs all have excellent pedigrees and are dual registered with AKC and CCAA a/k/a ICCF.  I am also a member of Schutzhund USA.

    All of my dogs have very good temperament and are quite sociable.  They are a part of my family and have even gone on vacation with us.  When placing our puppies, we only let them go to loving homes.  They are loved and handled by all family members, and the dogs love the attention and affection.  Based on past litters, excellent conformation is expected. (All puppies are sold with AKC & ICCF registration and binding contract agreement)

     We encourage you to do your research, especially on the socialization and exercise needs of this breed.  They are very good with children, when they grow up with them, and are protective of all family members.  Since this is a large breed dog, it needs lots of exercise.  They make excellent walking, jogging, and running mates and will protect you as well.

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Watford's Sheera is USA's First Schutzhund 1 Titled Female CANE CORSO
(Earned at Borderline Police and Schutzhund Club)

Trophies and certificates earned by Watford's Sheera and Legacy's Armani (owned by Watford)




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Located in New Jersey, serving New York, Pennsylvania, and beyond          

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